How to Eat more Healthy Food and Snacks

Obesity is part of our national discussion at the moment. Our lives have changed and we often spend many hours sedentary in front of our computer screens and this lack of activity is playing havoc on our waistlines. It is difficult to get away from the fact that for many of us our lives and careers are built around our computer screens, so in order to improve our health we need think more about matching our calorie intake with our activity levels. Put simply, if we are spending many sedentary hours staring at our screen, then we need to reduce our calorie intake accordingly. One tip that can help those who spend a lot of time on their screens, perhaps those who play online poker is to ensure that they drink plenty of water. This can help improve the health of online gamers simply because we can often mistake thirst for hunger. By drinking more, we can curb our appetite naturally. Better hydration has never hurt anybody, so it’s worth a try. Another tip is to be more mindful when we eat. We should never eat in front of our screen, it can serve as a distraction to our natural indicators that tell us when we are full and can, therefore, cause us to eat too much. One of the biggest pitfalls with spending a lot of time in front of a screen is the temptation to skip meals. This can be disastrous for our diet, though, as it can cause us to reach for snacks that are full of sugar in order to regulate blood-sugar levels and remedy energy dips. It is also important that we do snack if we need to, going into a meal over-hungry can cause us to lose control and eat too much. We just need to put some thought into the snacks that we do eat, ensuring that we choose whole foods such as fruit, vegetables or nuts to make sure that we benefit from the nutrients that these provide.