Good Lighting at Workplace

Natural light from the sun is good for your general well-being, both as a vitamin D source and your public mental health. Exposure to natural lighting is healthy living along with body exercise and healthy eating. For this reason, it is vital to consider natural lighting when choosing any dwelling, whether a home or office or school or hotel. Take a look here.

Ways of Having Good Lighting At The Workplace

Sufficient natural lighting will admit natural light but avoid direct sun on users’ working surfaces or occupants’ eyes. Good lighting in the workplace can come from direct sunlight, external reflection, and internal reflection. Take a look here to see the methods used to get sunlight indoors like Point Light, Ceiling, and Wall Light.

Natural Lighting Designs

There are new innovative methods used to improve natural lighting. Natural lighting improves building energy efficiency. The green certification systems such as WELL Building Standard reward natural light. The science of daylighting design requires that you consider heat balance and heat losses, light glare, and daylight changes. There are many natural lighting designs, such as:

  • Windows
  • Clerestory windows
  • Skylights and Roof Lanterns
  • Sawtooth Roof
  • Atrium
  • Light Reflectors and Shelves
  • Daylight Redirecting Window Film
  • Light Tubes
  • Fibre Optic.